Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Coral Video

Earth the Coral Sea


  1. i can't belive the coral video wasn't part of that movie LIFE! its mind blowing (how did they get that footage)
    Sincerly, Alise Nascimento

  2. Mr. V, That was a great video, i can not beleive that so much goes on in the coral reefs. So many animals need the coral reefs to live and i could not beleive that fish with big teeth and crown of thron bushes eat the reefs. I learned alot from this. Thanks, Josh violet

  3. Hey Mr. v.
    I have a question about our pick a fish in marine. I have the pike piranha and i am not sure if it is a secondary consumer or a tertiary consumer. The example of a food chain I am looking at is showing fish as one whole group in the secondary consumer spot but my fish not only eats other fish but it eats other animals much larger than it and it is only 30 cm in laength. I am not sure if it is classified as a secondary consumer just because it is a fish or if it goes deeper and more detailed then that.
    Alex s./Red

  4. Definitely a tertiary consumer in some habitats THE TOP Carnivore

  5. Mr.V What is the What is predation?, on the progress log.
    Allie Violet

  6. Allie,
    Predation is an interaction between species in which one species uses another species as food. Predation is a process of major importance in influencing the distribution, abundance, and diversity of species in ecological communities. Generally, successful predation leads to an increase in the population size of the predator and a decrease in population size of the prey. These effects on the prey population may then ripple out through the ecological community, indirectly changing the abundances of other species.