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Good Golly Goldy

Into the tank you go little fishy

When you first put your new goldfish in their new tank, do not just pour them in. Instead place the bag inside the tank and let the water temperature equal out. Gently and gradually mix in the water and release the fish carefully. It is a good idea to buy a couple of fish (even if you plan to get much more) and test them out in the water, before you buy more, you won't know the reaction until you try it.

If you ever need to catch your fish once they have been living in their tank, limit the use of your hands. A fish's scales can be damaged very easily and disease can be brought upon quickly. Use a jar or get a fish net that will fit in your aquarium from the pet shop. Fish should be out of the water for the shortest time possible, they cannot breathe air and will die very quickly if left out of water.

Uggggh, My tank is ICKY!

Changing the Water

Goldfish are natural born pigs. They are messy. And they eat a lot. Thus creating the biggest obstacle for many goldfish keepers-the water quality. Like most fish, goldfish prefer to live in clean water. They can tolerate a wide range of pH, but prefer neutral to slightly basic water.

You should change the water in the fish tank as regular as you can. It is better to change 15-25% water every couple of weeks rather than wait for the tank to get really dirty and chang e it on ly then. The easiest way is to siphon the water out using a tube, when doing this, aim the tube at the bottom of the tank to clean up the waste that accumulates in the bottom of the tank.

All you need to do this is some plastic tubing and a bucket that you pla

ce below the water level in the tank. Place one end of the tube in the tank and suck the water, stop before it hits you mouth and aim the tube into the bucket that is below the fish tank, the water will continually pump into the bucket. (

For simple step by step instructions check here ...... CLEAN UP

For a detailed view of how to clean an Aquarium watch this video.

How to Clean an Aquarium -- powered by

Goldfish - But what kind?

Kingdom? Phylum? Class? Order? ...

Goldfish are members of the fish family Cyprindae. They share this distinction with many thousands of other fish, like the Barbs, Red Tail Shark, Rasboras, and more. The scientific name of the goldfish is Carassius auratus. The name Carassius refers to many of the Carp family, and the auratus literally means 'overlaid with gold.' Along with Koi and pond carp, goldfish make up a large portion of this group of fish.

Goldfish come in many shapes and sizes. The 'common' goldfish more closely resembles the many species of carp found in ponds and lakes all over the world. Goldfish originally derived from temperate Asia, but have been introduced to all parts of the world. Many cultures began to 'domesticate' the goldfish, as long as 1300 years ago. They selected for a variety of genetic traits, like color, fin shape, and body shape. The result of this selective breeding allows the myriad of goldfish types available to us as hobbyists today. The typical common goldfish, also sold as feeder fish a many pet stores, appears much as its wild natural great grandfather would have appeared in Asia. However, all the fancy variations, veil-tails, bubble-eyes, orandas, etc., are all strains developed through selective breeding, and do not occur in nature in that form naturally.
( )

Healthy steps

isn't ichthyology interesting?

Try this too...............

Here is another website a student (Allie) suggested for Goldfish

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  1. To determine the gender .....

    It may be a bit soon to be definite, but you can make some of these observations and support your prediction..

  2. i learned how to know if fish are boys our girls and how to clean the fish's water Domenic Rivas (yellow)

  3. the goldfish paragraph is interesting

  4. i found a nother website on google

    this website tells how to clean i fish tank

  5. This information is really usefull. I think the part about how to change the water was the best.

    Wesley Morgan Yellow

  6. This is really good information. I like it when it says that you can siphon your tank with a bucket and a plastic tube. That would be fun to do.I enever knew that goldfish were natural born pigs.

    Nicolas Rodriquez Yellow

  7. Now I know how to clean the fish tank!!

    Juliane Yellow pd.3

  8. Is it ok to take the fish out and put the fish in a plastic bag why i clean the whole tank and the do the process of puting the fish in the new tank? Or do I clean the tank another way

    Halie . C

  9. to bad for the whale shark

    scott yellow pd.3

  10. Friday i was at pet smart looking for stuff for my fish. I went over to see the fish in the tanks.....While I was looking,I saw goldfish that looked exactly like the ones we got!! They were Comet Goldfish. So i believe that the fish we got are Comet Goldfish.
    P.S. Like yourm articles!
    Tamara Boskovic P.3 Yellow

  11. Mr. V,

    When you tell the Kingdom, Phylum,Class,etc.
    you only tell the Family. Could you please post THE WHOLE NAME!
    Thank you,


  12. I think that the fish you gave us are comet fish because I checked goldfish online and found that comet goldfish are identicle to our fish.
    Aneka Patterson

  13. their is a fun salmon dissection game you could put on the blog if you google it

  14. I took the Great White Shark quiz and got a 7 out of 10! Yay! :) Also for the goldfish topic: I think our goldfish are either Comet goldfish or common golfish!

    Kyra Williams

  15. There is this game where you can disect a fish.

  16. MR.V Thanks for the help on the ways to clean the tank because it is getting a little dirty also im thinking about getting another snail because my first one just isent moving around much.
    Spencer(green class)

  17. thanks for the information about the gold fish

  18. I didn't know how to claen a fish tank until I read the blog. Damian green

  19. Is there another way to clean a fish tank without a syphon tube or whatever its called??
    Ada Green

  20. I just finished reading the articles...omg whatta life saver...i don't really know how to clean a fish tank the proper way so that was BIG help. And i have to find out my fish's gender...I looked the fish up and it's probably a Comet Fish because it looks like the same as my fish.

  21. WOW...
    lets se if i can respond to some of your questions,

    You can clean the tank by removing the Fish and changing all the water. I think that is more of a hassle. If you need a tube there is some at school you can borrow and you only need to cut off about three feet.

    remember all goldfish are the same Genus species... they have just been bred for certain traits. Like dogs.... a Great Dane and a poodle are the same species.

    I have to agree about the comet goldfish.

    I think I got to most of your questions.

    I like that dissection game too... I think I just might include it in this blog...
    great idea.

    One point in the bonus box for everyone who joined in so far.

    I have more snails.. but most of the good ones are gone.. We can check though.

    I gave you the family, genus and species..using that information you can find the rest I am sure....

  22. At my house we all knew about how we had to change the water, but when we went on a vacation a couple of summers ago my grandma didnt really no how to change the water and by the time we got back home my goldfish had died....
    Marissa, blue

  23. Oh , sorry you had that happen. Goes to show that, even just a little bit of knowledge can truly help.

    Thanks for the comment...(+1)

  24. thanks, when i changed the water one time i forgot one little step and my goldfish died...

    Kirsten, Red

  25. hi mr.v when are we going to do this experiment? and are we? it would be fun if we did! I remembered when my friend shannon had one she said it was fun taking care of it!well see ya!

    jessica violet

  26. i never knew that the gold fish was in the same family as the cyprendae.thats pretty cool.

    Branden Yellow

  27. Hi Mr.V I just wanted to say that this is going to be a really fun and exiting experiment! I think everyone will enjoy it.

    Lidia Yellow

  28. Mr.v,thank you for sharing this interesting articleabout goldfish and how to treat it and clean the tank. If I ever have questions I will come back to the blog and find the answer!

    Amanda Jagannath,Yellow

  29. Wow I learned how to clean a fish tank in about two miniutes. I have never known how to clean a fish tank like that, for my beta fish I just take them out and put them in a contemporary tank and change the water. That technique worked pretty good because my betta fish (goldy) lived for 3 and a half years untill he died half a week ago. Boo Hoo

    p.s. He got flushed

    James Poulson,Yellow

  30. Wow i learned how to clean a fish tank in 60 seconds. For my beta fish i just take them out and put them in a temporary tank and clean the water and put them back in. Ive never herd of using a plastic tube. My technique has worked good because my beta fish (goldy) lived for 3 and a half years before he died half a week ago. BOO HOO. thanks for the new technique i will use it with the fish i get in the future.

    -James Poulson,Yellow

  31. Wow soo useful! Thanks for letting us do this project Mr. V its pretty cool so far!
    Hopefully my fish won't die and I'll learn to care for other living things much better than i do now! I know that humans are NOT the most important feature and will prove that with my data and the little fishy!!

    Kailey White, Yellow!

  32. Mr.v is there another way to clean the fish tanks.I liked the videos a lot.Thanks for showing me how to clean my fish tank.

    p.s. my fish did not die

    Furkan Melon green

  33. I just cleaned my fish tank it is pretty easy. my fish poops a lot

    Furkan Memon green

  34. My fish is a boy.thanks for the website Mr. v. My fish has pooped like 10 times in one hour.

    Furkan Memon green

  35. Mr.v is there any websites you recommenced for the fish we need to no every thing about for example what I picked the sword fish.

  36. Furkan, I'm glad your fish didn't die. We had some contaminated pea gravel. I am researching the problem. Things SHOULD work better now..
    There is a connection through THE BEACH TEACH BLOG " WHATS THAT SEA CREATURE?" where you can find out about your species. There is some very good information in the library too.

  37. Dear mr.v i cant wait to get my fish im going to take great care of it i will feed it everyday make sure the tank is clean and that there is enough air

  38. dear Mr.V that was a vary cool video about how to clean your fish tank ill remeber that when i get my fish and when n=my dad buys me a new one.

  39. Those videos on origami goldfish and how to clean the tank are cool.

    My fish has been alive for about 1 week 2 days(including today).

    Lucas Osborne,yellow

  40. Good for you on keeping your fish alive and well...

    2 points in the box for you

  41. Mr. V when do we get to start the Goldfish Project, reading everyones commets it sounds like a ton of fun. Can't wait to get my fishy. So excited, I tried to make the origami goldfish but I couldn't.
    Allie violet