Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mad Beach Thinkin'

Mr Rankin came by G1 today , he's everywhere it seems. He seemed positive that we can get picnic tables outside the classroom to begin an "outdoor" classroom. Both the Environmental Science and Marine Science courses require water and with MR V that means lots of water.
The classroom has one really good sink, not a lot of lab counter-space and is carpeted. That makes for a lot of "wet carpet" no matter how careful we are. My kids know that MR V can get pretty messy when doing labs ... so an outside place to work will be just the ticket. There's not a lot of sunlight inside G-POD, but there's plenty outside - so plant and energy experiments have potential. ( and if we make a really big mess, well ... it's outside!!)

I'm thinking we can get a class set of old lightweight beachchairs then that way we can have a mobile outdoor classroom


  1. thats true and we are supposed to do lots of things with water. It seems like a good reason to do it outside.

  2. that would be great if we did that we wouldent be breathing on each other to try and do an experiment and wont have to clean tables and waste paper towels!!!

  3. that would be great portable desks"chairs"and no waisting paper towals or cleaning up or cleaning carpet. plus we are sapost to be outside "its environmental science"!!!!!

  4. I REALLY want to get the tables.. we need beach chairs too.. How can we get some? any ideas?

  5. that would be really nice learning outside. If only people would bring in Beach chairs.

  6. Draw up a fundraiser letter specific to beach chairs and how many students in class, present to Publix across the street.

    Annie V. violet mom

    I'll do it if you get me the letter.

  7. What a wonderful idea from Ms Annie V Mom.. I will work on that.

    Thanks for the suggestion and the offer to help, it is really appreciated.

    MR V