Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Morning Flight

Well... first day has begun. We really need to talk to traffic control for Tampa International Airport. MBFS has people coming and going. Cars doing drop-off and pick-up where they're supposed to and where they are not. Students struggling with luggage too big, overloaded or barely balanced on wheels bumping over humps or cornered in cracks. Bigger people pulling smaller people, rolling, dragging, bumping in multiple directions at once. Head and shoulders above the adolescent gaggle, semi-official "directors" , drovers of the disembarked, gesture at traffic, waggle at obstinate autos, holding onto wayward nomads. Ahh... notice how just the tiniest bit of authority and one's physical demeanor is infused with an earnestly evident sense of duty. The clustered congregation mills about all the while deciphering script on schedule slips and asking anyone who stands still or even slows down "which way is whatever." We have first class and coach, aisle seats and window, overhead bins, long lines, stay-in-your-seats, and pilots aplenty, TIA has nothing on us.

Surprisingly, the afternoon pickup went ...hmmm...lets say, "as well as could be expected." One problem however, all the cars in idle create a major carbon footprint. Let's trust this will be reduced.


  1. Hopefully we the students will move faster so it goes more smoothly extremely reducing the idle time along with the emissions.

    Michael S., Period 5, Blue

  2. Thats so true its very hard to get to class on time, when people just take their time to get out of there cars, and walk to class very slowly.

  3. The carbon emmisions are more than likely incredibly high, and cause alot of problems. I think that is everyone can hurry up it would go smoother. Sure it's faster now, but alot of idling cars can't be very good. But for noe I think that this is as good as it is going to get.

    Levi Blue

  4. Levi I think you are right.. but I don't think anyone actually took into account environmental concerns when this was planned. The point is, we can not continue to NOT TAKE into account our affects on the planet. All actions have consequences.