Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day

Earth - there's only one.

What have you done for it lately? Are you just taking up space, or saving a place?


  1. Here is a start to 50 more ideas...
    1. Pack your lunch in reusable containers
    2. Invest in solar and wind power alternatives
    3. Compost
    4. Recycle all newspapers, paper, plastics, cans and glass
    5. Pick up trash in your path even if you didn't put it there
    6. Shop at consignment stores for clothing and furniture.
    7. Dispose of Paint (and other toxic chemicals) properly
    8. Drop off old electronics at collection centers
    9. Be an environmental volunteer...clean up a block, river bank or a beach front with family and friends. Make it a recurring event.
    10. Be creative about how to re-use items. For example, an old shower curtain can be re-used as a tarp. Old socks can be used as packing material when shipping items in a box.

    That is 10...I challenge Mr. V's students to add more to the list.

  2. OK Mrs V.. put ten (10) big bonus points in the bonus box.

    Let's see if anyone can top that!!

  3. Hey Mr.V I have some things to tip for going green:
    -Turn off the water when not in use.
    -Plant trees.
    -Use cloth bags not plastic or paper.
    -Don't use your car if you are going to near by places.
    -Use reusable water bottles.
    -Unplug electronics when you don't need them.
    -Use environment safe light bulb.
    -Turn off light when not needed.
    -Go outside ans play. Don't use the TV to must.
    -Wash dishes by hand not by machine.
    -Stop spraying chemicals in air.
    -Try to save water.

  4. 11. use a compact fluorescent light bulb
    12. unplug things like your phone charger, and Ipod charger from the wall socket when you're done using them
    13. Buy food from your local farmers
    14. Take shorter showers
    15. fix a leaking faucet
    16. do full loads of laundry rather then just a few items of clothing at a time
    17. use water-efficient shower heads
    18. tote your own grocery bag
    19. when using your dishwasher, do full loads
    20. brew certified coffee
    Kaitlyn C Yellow

  5. Mr V.

    I was not at school on Friday due to Good Friday, and I was also absent from school today, because of high school registration. I have nothing graded on my progress log. I know that the progress log was due today, so is there any way I could get an extra day to get everything graded? Thanks for your consideration. (:


  6. 21.Only Print if need, use a flashdrive or upload to a website to save paper
    22.Eco-friendly notebooks, paper, pencils, etc.
    23.Recycle cardboard, paper, cans, water bottles, etc.
    24.Don't hold the refrigeorator open it puts a chemical into the air, know what you want first
    26.Use gas sparely
    27.Dontate items instead of throwing them in the trash
    28. Don't leave the tv, radio, computer, etc. on and leave the room
    29.Walk, instead of driving good workout and saves the planet
    30.Don't litter
    31.Don't pour fluids into the ocean/into the gutter thats going into the ocean too
    32.Use candles instead of flashlights during storms
    33.Air dry the clothes instead of the dryer
    34.Plant a garden and eat the grown produce
    35.Pick up trash, don't leave garbage around
    36. Short Showers
    37. Clean up the plants and bring the leafs and stuff to the brush dump
    38. Bring metal to the recyle center, recycle and get cash too
    39. Get dirt, worms, and create a decomposer (Mr.V could we make one in our class?)
    40. Reuse things, a cardboard box into a picture frame, etc.
    Allie Yellow

  7. We will still be grading work for those of you who missed Monday.

  8. Class decomposer would be an excellent end of the year physical science project.

  9. The decomposer for the whole class or just as my end of the year project?
    Allie Yellow

  10. Hey mr.v
    I was just watching the news and they had a short little blurb about the new rollercoaster cheetah hunt at at busch gardens. This answers the question when will we ever use electromagnetic fields! Instead of using gravity to propel the coaster they will use yea electromagnetic fields!
    Alex yellow

  11. We could do it with trains too, unfortunately they decided not to build one here in Florida... kind of a weird decision don't you think

  12. Things that we could do that weren't in the powerpoint:

    use organic cleaning products

    use solar powered panels

    reuse old clothing for crafts and sewing projects

    buying organic foods

    buying eggs from companies that treat their chickens right!

    buying milk from companies that treat their cows right!

    recyling metals

    using organic nail polish (it exists!)

    using aveeno moisturizers and such because they are all organic

    using lead free pencils

    throwing apple cores and un-used parts of plants and vegetables outside to naturally enrich your soil

    using eco friendly lawn mowers because regular ones contribute alot in air pollution, and they run on gas

    using an organic reusable water bottle that you cna carry around with you all day instead of drinking four or five plastic water bottles

    using recycled office supplies

    buying biodegradable pens

    wearing earth shoes from:

    buying and wearing clothing from the following brands:

    American Apparel
    Human Wear
    Project Green Label
    Truly Organic
    Tees for Change
    Prarie Underdog

    and more here:

    using solar powered water heaters

    to end all of the wars in the world

    developing hydrogen power for automobiles

    eating produce without any pesticides

    use traps instead of rat and mouse poinsons

    use old newspapers as packing material

    use paint brushes and rollers instead of spray cans to prevent harmful emisions

    Savanah Yellow

  13. Superb!!!!! What would you want to research?

  14. 1.Clean or replace air filters on your air conditioning unit at least once a month
    2.Don’t close the ac vents if you have central air conditioning
    3.Lower the thermostat on your water heater
    4.Turn the air up in the summer one degree
    5.Turn the air down one degree in the winter
    6.Turn down or shut off your water heater when you will be gone for a while
    7.Turn off lights when leaving a room even for a short time.
    8.Set your refrigerator temperature at 36 to 38 and your freezer at 0 to 5
    9.When using an oven make sure the door is fully closed
    10.Clean the lint filter in your dryer after every load
    11.Unplug unused appliances
    12.Use a microwave instead of a conventional oven or stove
    13.Wash clothes with warm or cold water instead of hot
    14.Reverse your indoor ceiling fans for summer and winter
    15.Turn off lights, computers and other appliances when not in use
    16.Purchase appliances and office equipment with the Energy Star Label
    17.Only use electric appliances when you need them
    18.Use compact fluorescent light bulbs
    19.Keep your thermostat higher in summer and lower in winter when you are away
    20.Insulate your home as best as you can
    21.Install weather stripping around all doors and windows (helps not let ac out)
    22.Shut off electrical equipment when you leave
    23.Plant trees
    24.Shade outside air conditioning units by trees
    25.Replace old windows with energy efficient ones
    26.Use cold water instead of warm or hot water when you can
    27.Connect your outdoor lights to a timer
    28.Buy green electricity - electricity produced by low - or even zero-pollution facilities (NC Greenpower for North Carolina -
    29.Eliminate mercury from your home by purchasing items without mercury, and dispose of items containing mercury at an appropriate drop-off facility
    30.Learn about alternatives to household cleaning items that do not use hazardous chemicals
    31.Buy the right amount of paint for the job
    32.Don’t pour paint into the water then dump the water outside
    33.Review labels of household cleaners you use
    34.If no alternatives for cleaning supplies are available find ones that have the least amount required for best cleaning results
    35.If you have an older home, have paint in your home tested for lead
    36.If you have lead-based paint, cover it with wall paper or other material instead of sanding it or burning it off
    37.Use traps instead of rat and mouse poisons and insect killers
    38.Have your home tested for radon
    39.Use cedar chips or aromatic herbs instead of mothballs
    40.Try not to use leaf blowers and other dust-producing things
    41.Use an electric lawn- mower instead of a gas-powered one
    42.Leave grass clippings on the yard-they decompose and return nutrients to the soil
    43.Use recycled wood chips as mulch to keep weeds down
    44.Use only the required amount of fertilizer
    45.Minimize pesticide used
    46.Create a wildlife habitat in your yard
    47.Water grass early in the morning
    48.Rent or borrow items like ladders, chain saws, party decorations and others that are rarely used
    49.Buy environmentally friendly
    50.Put leaves in a compost heap instead of burning them or throwing them away
    Allie Yellow

  15. 51.Yard debris too large for your compost bin should be taken to a yard-debris recycler
    52.Use both sides of paper
    53.Reuse items like envelopes, folders and paper clips
    54.Use mailer sheets for interoffice mail instead of an envelope
    55.Set up a bulletin board for memos instead of sending a copy to each person
    56.Use e-mail instead of paper correspondence
    57.Use recycled paper
    58.Use discarded paper for scrap paper
    59.Encourage schools to print documents with soy-based inks (they’re less toxic)
    60.Use a ceramic coffee mug instead of a disposable cup
    61.Ask your employer about if they can telecommuting (working from home)
    62.Ask employer to consider flexible work schedules
    63.Recycle printer cartridges
    64.Report smoking vehicles
    65.Don't use your wood stove or fireplace when air quality is bad
    66.Avoid slow-burning, smoldering fires
    67.Burn seasoned wood
    68.Use solar power for home
    69.Use solar power for water heating
    70.Purchase radial tires
    71.Keep tires properly inflated for your vehicle
    72.Paint with brushes or rollers instead of using spray paints
    73.Ignite charcoal barbecues with an electric probe or other alternative to lighter fluid
    74.Make sure if you use a wood stove they meet federal emissions standards
    75.Walk or ride your bike instead of driving
    76.Join a carpool/vanpool
    77.Check and fix any water leaks
    78.Install water-saving devices on your faucets and toilets
    79.Don't wash dishes with the water running continuously
    80.Wash and dry only full loads of laundry and dishes
    81.Follow your community's water use restrictions/ guidelines
    82.Install a low-flow shower head
    83.Replace old toilets with new ones
    84.Turn off washing machine's water supply to prevent leaks
    85.Never dump anything down a storm drain
    86.Have your septic tank pumped and system inspected regularly
    87.Check your car for oil or other leaks, and recycle motor oil
    88.Take your car to a car wash instead of washing it in the driveway
    89.Learn about your watershed
    90.Buy items in bulk from loose bins
    91.Avoid products with several layers of packaging when only one is sufficient
    92.Buy products that you can reuse
    93.Maintain and repair durable products instead of buying new ones
    94.Check reports for products that are easily repaired and have low breakdown rates
    95.Reuse items like bags and containers when possible
    96.Use cloth napkins instead of paper ones
    97.Use reusable plates and utensils instead of disposable ones
    98.Use reusable containers to store food
    99.Shop with a canvas bag instead of using paper and plastic bags
    100.Use paper bags instead of plastic (if you forget canvas bag)
    101.Buy rechargeable batteries for devices
    102.Reuse packaging cartons and shipping materials
    103.Old newspapers make great packaging material
    104.Compost your vegetable scraps
    105.Buy used furniture
    (In addition to my ones before)
    Allie Yellow

  16. OK ...Allie... you are definitely in FIRST!!!

  17. Hey Mr V. on the old progress log im kinda of confused about the terminology review/ electromagnetic spectrum and was wondering if you could tell me what im supposed to do to complete the assignment.


  18. Larry there are three terms..infra-red, visibly spectum(visible light, ultra violet. Define the terms and include their frequency ranges ..(hertz)