Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Some Physical Science Quick Lessons

A quick Lesson in Figuring out How Tall is the Flag Pole? (or anything else you don't want to climb)

Inertia is sometimes difficult to understand - here on Earth - because we are subject to balanced and unbalanced forces all the time and we don't bother to notice , ....

Some would say, perhaps we are too lazy?!?

Now, it will get a bit more tricky. You might find the history of acceleration and velocity are pretty entertaining...

It is OK to watch more than once

Start with Newtons First Law (takes a bit to load sometimes)

There are many more applications of Newton's first law of motion. Several applications are listed below. Perhaps you could think about the law of inertia and provide explanations for each application.
  • Blood rushes from your head to your feet while quickly stopping when riding on a descending elevator.
  • The head of a hammer can be tightened onto the wooden handle by banging the bottom of the handle against a hard surface.
  • A brick is painlessly broken over the hand of a physics teacher by slamming it with a hammer. (CAUTION: do not attempt this at home!)
  • To dislodge ketchup from the bottom of a ketchup bottle, it is often turned upside down and thrusted downward at high speeds and then abruptly halted.
  • Headrests are placed in cars to prevent whiplash injuries during rear-end collisions.
  • While riding a skateboard (or wagon or bicycle), you fly forward off the board when hitting a curb or rock or other object that abruptly halts the motion of the skateboard.

The Comments box is open...

Can you use these for your inertia demonstration?

You can, if you can explain the connection/application to inertia !


  1. Mr. V, I don't understand number 3 on worksheet number 3. It has really confused me. I have watched all the video clips from 5.1 - 5.6/5.7, and I still just don't understand the concept. Would you please explain this to me tomorrow?
    - Savanah Yellow

  2. Savannah,

    You are right that's a tough one. I will do my best tomorrow. Remind me with a good question so I don't forget.

    I hope the videos were a good introduction ( you are NOT SUPPOSED to totally understand all of them.. really we are just starting.

    1 point in the bonus box for you.

  3. Thank you Mr. V, I will talk to you tomorrow.
    - Savanah Yellow

  4. Mr. V I was reviewing my flagpole data and checking my math, but I was unsure if I got the correct answer so I looked it up on google.I checked all of my answers, but according to all the websites I looked at I was off a lot. I can not figure out 8 and 10 I think I got them wrong, but I don't understand how I did it wrong or what? Can you please help me understand?
    Allie Yellow!

  5. Mr. V for the homework (p. 305 1a, b, c, d). Is that right? I when to that page but it is just "Try This Activity" is that it or am I missing something?. I called three people, but no one picked up and I think I may have wrote the page number down wrong.
    Allie Yellow !!

  6. We will go over the problems in class tomorrow. It is the fact that you tried that counts!!

    Next time ..don't wait till the last minute and we can avoid the "worries"

  7. Thanks Allie for the comment. I had the same question.
    Paul Yellow

  8. Hey Allie the questions are on 352

    the info is on 350

  9. Hope you guys got "The CLUE" for the BIG question in class today.

    350 had the answer to the BIG Q.

    352 The supporting statements

  10. Hey Mr.V, I saw a few of your videos on inertia, and then this morning there was a documentary show on Discovery Kids on Inertia. So I got a potential idea for how to demonstrate Inertia!

    Sarah Valdes, yellow

  11. That's great Sarah. Did the Discovery Kids have title?

    Maybe I could find a link to it so you and i could share it with everybody.

    ( 2 pts in the box for the idea )