Thursday, May 20, 2010


The NOAA Game Portal

Start with the game about Estuaries

This one is good for Marine study

Predator Protector

It is a Cousteau game, there are others right there too!

For a bit more advanced Marine and Environmental study start with Jason
Note for kids:You do hav
e to sign in - so you may have to check with a parent cool and open when you use computers.

Don't forget this site: EPA

Interesting games like Mission To Earth

and More cool stuff on the CLIMATE Page

This is one is OUT OF THIS WORLD

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Play a game tell me what you think and how you did.... make other game suggestions in the comment box.




  1. hannah rosenbergMay 23, 2010 at 7:09 PM

    SO I played the Estuaries game and it was very fun and imformative but also extreamly frustrating. Half the time the otter thing was asking me "who tought you to drive?" and me and my little brother were cracking up. This game also made me think about all those Estuaries that are about to be totally attacked by the oil spill. It really is going to be one of the worst catastrafies that will ever happen to the marine life and not just in the gulf but in other places too it's spreading like crazy!. I'm kind of shoked Levi hasn't commented yet I mean he was making enough little nouses in class but I guess he's to smart. But I just really would like oil drillers to be more secure. I also was watching the news and the people were interviewing if other people were still for offshore oil drilling. These people said "well I don't think there is any secure way for them to do it so umm i guess not" and that is pretty much all the answers they got. I was just thinking if they had you for a teacher a lot of there opinions would change I know mine has.

  2. The game I played was "Water Life,Where River Meets Sea". I think this is a great game to play if you are looking to learn about estuaries and their importance to our environment. Before I played this game I didn't know much about estuaries, but playing this game really informed me on how important to certain ecosystems estuaries are and how detrimental it would be to a coastal ecosystem if we did not have them. I did fairly well playing this game but if I played it again I'm sure I would do much better because of the knowledge I learned from the game.

    Liam R., Blue

  3. Thanks To Hanna and Liam for their superb comments.
    I must agree with both of you ..playing these games can help as well as have a little fun.

    5 bonus points in the box for each of you.

    MR V

  4. this game is very fun and imformative. the only thing that bugged me was the otter guy. the whole time he just keep on talking and talking about things that didnt have anything to do with the game!!! i learned a lot about estuaries and their importance to our environment. im glad that you had us play this game!!

  5. awww the game was so cute i really enjoyed playing it and i learned alot from it thank you for having us play it!!!

  6. Glad you two learned something as well as had fun...

    ( 2pts in the bonus box )

    For Taylor and Hannah

  7. This game really helped me and gave me an idea by how the estuaries are getting destroyed because of horrible human interaction. I wish a lot more people could play this game to see what is happening to are planet, they will volunteer to save these estuaries and lower the risk for our erth. The game was very fun. :)

    Danielle; Green

  8. Danielle ..feel free to spread the word to others who might wan to pay.. The BEACH is open..


    MR V ( 3pts in the box)