Sunday, April 11, 2010

Trees in the Greenhouse

It's a hot day, and you're hanging out at a park or other outdoor place in your town. You notice a group of kids who are a little younger than you. They're busy planting trees. You approach them and say hello. They are getting a little tired, so they sit down with you in the shade. They tell you that they are glad to be planting trees because trees are pretty and provide shade on a hot day like this.
You kno
w that they're right, but you also know there's more to it than that.

What would you tell them about the other benefits of planting trees that you've learned about?

These sites could help.......

Arizona State University: What is Photosynthesis?

PBS: Illuminating Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis is for the birds… and everything else

Why Leaves Change color

How would you help them answer important questions like....

How do plants absorb carbon dioxide?

What is chlorophyll and what does it do?

How is glucose created?

Why do plants release oxygen?

Why might talking to plants REALLY be good for them?

You ask the kids in the park if they have ever heard about any other programs to plant trees in cities or other areas. What do they remember hearing? Do they remember what the purposes of these programs were? What benefits can students think of for planting new trees in one's community? In other parts of the world?

These sites might help you further explain the importance of trees in the environment.

American Forests

The Green House effect

Global ReLeaf

Why do we need to be concerned about the greenhouse effect?

How are human activities contributing to the greenhouse effect?

How might tree-planting programs help
keep the greenhouse effect from becoming more of a problem?

What other benefits might tree-planting programs have?

This activity supports an Environmental Science in-class lesson.

Many Thanks to Expeditions National Geographic Society.

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  1. I think that it is great that is great the people can donate a dollar to plant a tree. In fact in my 5th periode in the beginning of the school year we all donated plants and soil and planted them around the school.

    Chesney James, Blue

  2. Pretty amazing..just one dollar buys air to breathe..

    (bonus point 1)


  3. I think that trees are one of, if not the most vital parts of the earth's ecosystems. The are (besides the sun) what makes the earth "go round" so to speak. Trees have, and always will play a very large part in the earth's success.

  4. Trees are the special large plant and phyto plankton the special small plant that make "IT" all work.

    2pts for you----please post first name and class color.